Avalon Boarding School



Humans, Students

Name: First and Last if you would please

Age: Please be between the ages of 11 and 19

Year: Look in the information page for the age group for the years

Gender: This speaks for itself

Supernatural Ability: Look in the information page for a list of powers if you don't have one

Classes: Max of four, only can take what the current teachers teach

Description: Your characters personality, apperance, skills, fighting style, etc.

Theme: If there is a song that fits them, say the title and who it is by.

Quote: If they have a quote go ahead and say so

Picture: Go to info if you are having problems finding a picture. If none of those work, then one will be assigned until you choose one.

Humans, Teachers

Name: First and Last please

Age: Minimum is 19

Gender: Speaks still for itself

Supernatural Ability: Look in the information page for a list of powers if you don't have one

Subject: What do they teach, don't know look in information. There is a generator

Description: Your characters personality, apperance, skills, fighting style, etc.

Theme: If there is a song that fits them, say the title and who it is by.

Quote: If they have a quote go ahead and say so

Picture: If you don't have one then one will be assigned. Can be regular or anime.





Species (Shifter, mancy, human, etc):

Job (for adults and teens. Can also be put here if they are an Avalon Graduate):






Make sure to look at the information page for the rules about the pets

Name: Pets usually don't have last names so, just the first will do

Gender: Stil speaks for itself unless it is genderless

Owner: Who takes care of this darling creature?

Description: Just a short thing about the animal

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